Boali Dashtestani has been working as a concept artist/matte painter for some of the biggest names in the industry
such as Electronic Arts and Bioware Corp. Boali is specialized in visual content creation and intellectual property development. Boali has worked for the gaming and movie industry for more than 8 years. He has also published
his first fantasy graphic novel with his talented brother (Behrang) which is named Sina and the Eagle of Doom.
His works have been featured on Canadian Breakfast Television, Advanced Photoshop magazine and recently
in 3d artist magazine.

Services:Concept Art, Production painting, Matte painting(2,5/3D projection pipeline)

Tools:Photoshop,3D Max, Vue, Nuke, After Effects, Painter, Maya, Z-Brush.


Advanced photoshop Issue(73),by Imagine Publishing.

Interview on Breakfast Television.